Olde Sage started as a simple student project when I took an entry level web design course in college. It wasn't nessicary for my major but I wanted to give it a try. That was, well, a long time ago and the resulting website (which became Olde Sage) has changed many times since then. I still have a copy of the original site somewhere in the arhices. Though I have to warn you they are not well kept and more than a little bit overgorwn with cobwebs and dust bunnies. You can try your luck, but I warn you, you enter the archives are your own risk. If you get lost I will send in the search party.

As the site grew I knew that I was having fun. There were many good phases, many people have joined in over the years and for a time we even had an active forum with several dozen regular users. Alas as with all good things the forum had been getting on in the years, user levels dropped and I had to retire it in 2013. I unfortunately do no have a back up of that data since it had been heavly and the database size was too large to migrate to my new (affordable) hosting provider.

While I keep the site alive and well, the current form is less active than it was several years ago. There are several reasons for this. One of which became my "new mother" status at the end of 2014 and a career change last year.

If you're curious as to what the future holds for us I suggest you keep an eye on the horizon. I am just as excited as you to see where this ship will take us.